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Active Lives is a preventative low impact programme of physical activity and falls prevention that is delivered in various locations across the city - the sessions also incorporate a ‘drop in’ element where our project workers provide advice, information and signposting across a wide range of issues.

The  50 Active Lives activities include 36 exercise and movement classes to music. We deliver separate classes for the more able and specifically designed classes for armchair and wheelchair participation and 10 Tai Chi sessions, 4 Pilates Groups, 2 Cardio Recovery Classes and a Strength and Balance Class. 900 of our service users take part in at least 1 hour of exercise a week.

The prevention of falls is a key priority and all our Active Lives groups have Posture and Stability training included as a core element. This is significant a game changer in addressing falls prevention and recovery across Plymouth.

The mix of social engagement, advice and light exercise contributes significantly to improving the self-esteem and promoting the continued independent living of our beneficiaries. This has also been a catalyst in many cases to new and supportive friendships and the recruitment of volunteers for our charity.

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