Getting men together to be more active and make friends

We identified a real need within our service to provide activities for men who were lonely, socially isolated and who lacked social interactions and activity in their lives. Thanks to the People’s Project Lottery Funding, we were able to put the 'Active Men' programme into action.

We have been able to set up some fantastic sports based social sessions and activities especially for older men that take place across the city, which are built around the men that attend. This includes: Walking groups, Walking Football, bowling, curling, games, quizzes and activity groups. 

The men that come have great fun:

I really enjoy the group. I was concerned about the time I would have to spend alone at home. I found out about the Active Men group and have been attending regularly. This makes a real difference to me. It gives me something to look forward to. I have made friends and as well as playing games we have a chat and a cup of tea. I feel happier when I get home.
                  -Regular Active Men attendee.

Simple steps to join Active Men


Complete our referral form here


Our Active Men Lead will be in touch 


Attend the group that's best for you